March 27, 2023

A Look Into The Different Types Of Web Designs

A Look Into The Different Types Of Web Designs

Web design is the process of designing a website that is displayed on the internet. Suppose refers to the aspects of user experience of website development instead of software development. There are many types of web design. These types include responsive, static, and dynamic. These types are important to have for your website. Choosing the right type is essential to achieving the right results. Therefore, getting help from a web design company in Saudi Arabia is a good option as they know your needs.

Static web design:

Static web design is a way to create a website that never changes. The content is stored in the website’s source code and is displayed to all visitors. Static websites can still include interactive features such as images, videos, forms, and CTAs. They can also use CSS and JavaScript to create animations.

However, these websites have a few disadvantages. For starters, they are difficult to maintain. Since the content is stored in the source code, you’ll need to hire a web designer to make changes to the website. Furthermore, it can be costly to update static websites. So, static websites are only appropriate for small blogs or e-commerce operations.

Dynamic web design:

Dynamic websites do not store each page as a separate HTML file. Instead, a web server builds each page “on-the-fly” when the user requests it. It pulls information from one or multiple databases and creates a custom HTML file for the client. This file is then shipped to the user’s browser.

Liquid web design:

A company website is a proven way to launch a new business, generate new customers and consolidate the market position. The main benefit of a liquid layout is that it makes content flow smoothly. However, the downside is that it can cause problems with images and flash. These media are fixed sizes and may not display properly in liquid layouts. This can result in a bad user experience.

Responsive web design:

Responsive web design is important for businesses because more consumers use mobile devices to make online purchases. The rise in m-commerce retail trends is driving the demand for web developers to design websites for these devices. More than 75% of consumers own a desktop and a mobile phone, making responsive web design essential for your business. Furthermore, projections indicate that most people will use the internet on their smartphones by 2025.